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Looking for some easy time management tips, inspiration and life hacks so you can gain some control over your chaotic life! My suggestions for time management tricks and tips can definitely change your life! Infact,using some simple techniques to organize yourself and your time can even be therapeutic!

Stephen Covey captures it when he states:

"Time Management" is really a misnomer.
The challenge is not to manage time but to manage ourselves

When I read this many years ago, I had a moment of clarity!

It suddenly came to me that managing my time effectively was much more than scheduling appointments, writing lists and making project plans. I realised that if I wanted to have more time to achieve my goals then I didn't need a 30 hr day - all I needed was to organize myself!

Although everyone has different reasons for researching time management tips, the benefits are universal - freeing up your time enables you to enjoy life!

Maybe you are a working parent - working harder and harder but don't seem to be achieving much. Or maybe, like me, you seem to be constantly juggling everything and rushing everywhere. Maybe you're a student who is trying to juggle assignments and exams and feeling very stressed out at the moment.

This website can help you achieve the well ordered life that you want! There are truckloads of very useful tips, time management hacks and techniques for managing yourself, your home, the kids as well as some articles designed to make you think a bit broader.

How Should I Use This Website?

Easy - you need to keep coming back!

If you are going to get fit you don't run for one weekend and then say that you are fit do you? That's right, you need to keep running!
Getting your life organized and implementing time management principles into your life works on this same theory.

I called this website Time Management Gems rather than Time Management Tips because I felt that the tips I discuss on this website are infact Gems of information. Once you apply one Gem to your life then come back and find another Gem which you can use.

What Makes Me The Expert?

Well, I wouldn't call myself an expert but once I saw how a few simple tips on time management changed my life I became very passionate about the subject of managing time effectively. I'm living what I write and talk about on these webpages. I'm a real person! I'm not perfect, I'm not a control freak, I'm not even tidy by nature BUT I am dedicated to improving my life through using effective techniques. It's easy - well, pretty easy - as with anything new you have to actually put some work into it and I do recall being told that to form a habit it takes three weeks of continually doing the activity before it becomes second nature. If you are serious about making some changes to your life then the effort in learning some time management tips is most definitely worth it.

So Is My Life Perfect?

No definitely not - at least not in the perfect domestic goddess/supermum image that I always have unrealistically in my head! I'm still struggling with emails flooding into my inbox - (last count 5,000) - I frequently forget to pay bills and even as I sit here I can see unopened mail on the breakfast bar.

However my life is now perfect in the sense that those things that are important to me - I know I will get done.

If you're new here, I suggest you start at the the beginning and look at What is Time Management? This article gets you thinking about the idea of managing your time and suggests that we need to change our way of thinking from daily/weekly/monthly planning to that of lifetime planning.

If you're just looking for some quick tips then check out Time Management Tips or if you need some help getting started then read Tips on Getting Organized.

Maybe you're the student looking for Time Management Tips - then check out Time Management For Students or 5 Time Management Tips For Students

Otherwise, just click here to return to Top of Time Management Tips and then browse through the Nav Bars to the left

Well, what are you waiting for? Start exploring!

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