Declutter and Feel Lighter!

When I say declutter and feel lighter, I don't mean that you physically lose weight. I'm talking about the mental and spiritual lightness and that fabulous feeling of being free that occurs when you have a clutter free house.

The End Result

Imagine having a living area that looks like this?

organizing clutter

Doesn't this picture just make you want to live here?

It made me want to live here. When I saw this lounge, it looked so tidy and uncluttered and inviting. I could imagine sitting down on the sofa and reading a magazine or even preparing a gourmet dinner and having friends over for a lovely evening. I felt stress free, relaxed and happy. Why - because everything was in its place, there was no needless stuff around and even the magazines on show were limited.

Guess what - the picture above was a house my husband and I were putting up for sale. We had moved from the house a couple of months prior to this photo and hadn't done much except remove the junk in the house and put in some new furniture. It wasn't the furniture that made the difference, it was the fact that there was no mess around. I should have searched for free ideas on organizing clutter much sooner!

Let me tell you - when we were living in this house, it NEVER looked like this

We recently moved countries and I had to sort through 10+ years of accumulated clutter. Although I struggled with my motivation to tackle such a big task I eventually realised that I needed to stop procrastinating and had to get on with it. If you are struggling too maybe you need to jump from decluttering to "how to stop procrastinating"to give you a kick start. I did have a friend come and help me tackle the task and that certainly helped with the motivation - we set aside chunks of time and bribed ourselves with looking forward to gossiping and a coffee after that set time.

As we got rid of more and more stuff a fabulous feeling started coming over me, it was one of calm, peace and tranquility. From this I realised a truth about living in a clutter free home.

Decluttering is like losing weight - once you realise how great it feels it makes you want to keep going!

From this new and wonderous feeling I made a vow not to accumulate so much clutter ever again.

Has it worked? Suprisingly it has and I reinforce it by living by clutter free principles I share with you in this section. They are easy and simple tools to use everyday.

These tips aren't rocket science, infact, you probably already know them - if you do, think of this as a timely reminder.

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