6 Free Ideas for Organizing Clutter

You need these free ideas for organizing clutter if you take a look around your house and then your heart rate starts to rise, you start to feel anxious and if your home doesn't feel like the restful haven it should

Having a home you can relax in is the main reason why I wanted to post some free ideas for organizing clutter - they are tips that have really helped me and I want to pass them on. Although my main reason for trying to live clutter free is to feel relaxed and calm when I enter my house, the other reason is that by reducing clutter and therefore knowing where my stuff is then I actually save myself time by not having to look for it when I need it.

Here are my top 6 free ideas for organizing clutter:

Tip #1. Start now!!

Because I am already trying to live a tidy life, this principle for me is probably more like "commit to living clutter free." It's obvious really - don't put it off until tomorrow. Start now, get up and take action (okay once you've read the rest of the article). No excuses, no lines like "I'll wait until I buy that toybox." Pick a room or area and commit to organizing it.

Do you need some help starting now? You might want to read my section on Overcoming Procrastination

Like everything on my website, it's pretty easy to do if you are committed to it.

Tip #2. Don't buy stuff!!

Did you think it would be something obscure that you hadn't thought of? This tip really does make such a difference if we're talking about organizing the clutter in your house/office/workspace/bedroom.

I know, I know, it's very easy for me to say and I am the first to admit that I am as guilty as anyone about buying stuff I don't need. However, we all need reminding every now and then to stop being consumers and just live a bit simpler. We really don't need all that we have. If you want some more information on this there are plenty of articles on simple living

Tip #3. Throw it out

This follows on from rule number 2 - if you are going to buy something then you may as well throw something out when you get home. Even better, you don't need to have brought anything, you could just throw stuff out anyway.

I'm speaking from experience, it makes you feel a whole lot lighter.

If I just want to have a tidier bedroom or a tidier living area, I make a game of this with the kids. I give them 10 minutes and they go to their rooms and pick up whatever they can find to throw out. Usually, it's bits of rubbish or old school notices but it doesn't matter, rubbish is rubbish.

Tip #4. A place for everything and everything in its place

Yes this is a repeated rule from my introductory page about organizing your home. But this is one of the key tools to keep the clutter at a minimum. There are some very nice (read expensive) storage systems in the market but you don't need these. Your system could be just some cardboard boxes in the wardrobe or pantry. Whatever it is, find something that works for you and implement it. Once you have a place to put stuff then it can be put away.

Tip #5. Don't handle items twice!!

One prime example is incoming mail - it's always left on the kitchen bench or hallway table. I go into more detail in my article on How to Organize Paperwork.

But it's not only paper that this is a useful rule for, use it for everything you handle. Whether it's bringing the groceries in from the car, picking up clothes, picking up toys - put it away in its place - don't put it down somewhere else.

Tip #6. Do it in chunks!

Set the clock if you have to - 15 mins should be enough and go! Get to it, sort out an area quickly. Ditch what you haven't used in ages, put what you want to keep away and wipe everything down.

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Hopefully my 6 free ideas for organizing clutter can help you at least get started on sorting out the clutter in your house! It really does make such a difference to your evenings if you can come home from work and those areas where clutter generally congregates are no longer.

These tips probably seem easy but the key is actually sticking with them for long enough that they develop into a habit. Pick one, apply it to your life and if it makes a positive difference then come back and try another one.

Good luck!

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