Importance of Time Management
(5 Reasons For Learning to Manage Your Time Well)

The importance of time management cannot be emphasised enough.

Hands up if somedays you feel that you need a bit of extra time - maybe an extra day in the week would suit? There is no way to create extra time - so to fit it all in we have to cram everything in our lives into the time spaces that we have available.

How do you feel when you have to do things you don't want and you end up putting the stuff you really enjoy at the bottom of your list? That's why time management is important - it can alleviate all the negative's that occur when you feel that you don't have enough time.

Reason #1 - You Can Do Stuff You Love

We all want more time to do what's important to us. We all have activities that we absolutely love to do - they satisfy us and stimulate us and make us happy. Since we can't create extra time to include these activities within our life, we have to learn to work with what we've got. Time management helps us to do this.

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine that you had an extra day of the week which you could spend doing exactly what you wanted to do. What would you do with that day? Reading, Cooking, Gardening? Spending time with family and friends. Maybe you would like to spend it looking after yourself - exercising, playing golf or meditating.

What would I do? Well, I'd do some yoga in the morning, breakfast with family and then spend the rest of the day reading! That's my blissful day... What's yours?

Reason #2 - Improves Your Wellbeing

The importance of time management and scheduling time to improve your wellbeing is only realised once our health starts to decline. When we feel we have too much to do and very little time we start to feel stressed. Although not all stress is bad, if you start to feel like you are struggling to cope with the tasks on your list then that is bad stress.

The costs of this are immense - it can cause absenteeism as well as a variety of ailments including strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure to name a few.

Learning to manage your time can reduce this stress and the subsequent toll it takes on you. As well as helping you to reduce the tasks you have to do, time management can help you to schedule your high priority areas. This means you can find time and space in your life to exercise, reflect and meditate and even just space to breathe! All the things you need to increase your wellbeing.

I've written some articles on Time Management and Stress and also on Stress and Wellness if you want to look at ways to combat this area.

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Reason #3 - You Can Control Your Life

Do you ever feel that you have no control over your life? Do you feel like life and tasks are flying at you that you can barely cope with all the incoming missiles? At these times you end up just fighting fires as fast as they spring up.

The importance of time management in this situation is that it can help you to not only fight the fires but to move to a system where you will find that fires don't even have a chance to start.

If you are in control of your life you can become proactive instead of reactive. Controlling your life means you can reduce the anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed.

Reason #4 - Improves Your Effectiveness

What is effectiveness? It is the ability you have to produce the intended result. Rosemary Tator and Alesia Latson in More Time for You: A Powerful System to Organize Your Work and Get Things Done liken effectiveness to a muscle: something you can flex and build. They discuss the fact that being effective means that you choose what you focus on and where you place your efforts.

This is such a great description - the importance of time management is that it has the ability to give you choices about what you do with your time. When you choose to spend your time doing what satisfies you then you can become effective.

Reason #5 - Productivity Increases

Productivity is different to effectiveness - productivity is generating stuff (or more stuff) and effectiveness is making sure that you are generating the right stuff.

Imagine if you were a printer churning out travel brochures which had the wrong contact numbers. Learning time management skills so you can increase production of these incorrect pamphlets is unfortunately, still a waste of time. You might feel great if you can meet the target and complete the work within a day, but it is a short lived victory if you don't get paid because the errors were your fault. However, once we are sure that we are producing the right results then increasing productivity can being.

In this situation, the importance of time management is that if we can free up some time by either getting organized or reducing the low priority tasks then we can choose what's important and look to do more of it.

Something simple like getting rid of the clutter is a prime example for me. I find that if I have stuff on my desk, I spend most of my time not working on this website but being distracted both mentally and visually by the clutter. As soon as I remove the junk then I find I can think much better and so, become more focused and productive.

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So if that isn't enough reasons to keep reading my Time Management Gems website then what is! As I said on the Home Page - learning time management skills can definitely change your life for the better.

I encourage you to keep reading and exploring this website - all the Gems I put on here are ones that I have employed in my bid to organize myself and my life and they work!

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