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I totally missed the explosion of the word "life hacks" into our terminology - what with three kids, a career and family committments anyone would think I've been busy for the last couple of years! Time Management Life Hacker is of course is an even more focused area within the life hacks community and I didn't even know. I'm a bit disappointed in myself becauwse I actually consider myself a geek but obviously I haven't been paying attention.

Although hacking has generally had very negative connotations, being a time management life hacker can actually help you find fixes to manage your time. So what are lifehacks and what do they have to do with time management?

WARNING - History Lesson!

Lifehacks is a coin termed by Danny O'Brien - about 8 years ago. He was involved in many conversations with geeks on their personal hacks - quick scripts they've written for themselves. He realised that a pattern was emerging and that these geeks were all having the same problems and were using similar fixes. He coined these quick fixes "life hacks".

Hacks are a way of cutting through a complex system with a really simple and non obvious fix.

As I was doing my research on whether to bring another time management website into the world wide web, the word lifehacks kept cropping up and I ignored it for a long time assuming that it had nothing to do with my subject. I kept on developing my content, writing from experience.

Funnily enough, as I've developed my time management gems which are time management tips, tools and techniques I've also had lots of comments and emails from readers who referred me to other interesting blogs in my general area.

From following link after link and reading more and more, I had another of those "Aha Moments"! My time management gems which are my personal time management "fixes" are very similar in nature to what the world now calls "life hacks". They must therefore make me a time management life hacker

I actually have hesitated even referring to them as life hacks - I don't feel that I have a right to since I didn't invent the word.

Time Management Gems Are Forms Of LifeHacks

You see, time management is a very complex system. There are numerous theories, books and courses on this topic all expounded by offical experts. I never intended or wanted to be yet another expert rehashing or rewriting the time management theories.

Instead, my website was always intended to provide quick and easy time management tips for real and busy people. Those of us who are busy living and enjoying life don't want to be weighed down by time management theory, diagrams and graphs. We want some gems, some lifehacks that can be applied to our lives immediately!

I danced a bit on the inside when I discovered this - I feel like I'm the uncool kid arriving late to the party but I'm here and I'm happy that my own theories are aligning with those of others out there in cyberspace.

I didn't want to call my website Time Management Life Hacker and the reason is because my articles aren't all tips and life hacks. There's still some discussion - it's the way I write. I don't want to just provide time management hacks or time management gems with no commentary around them. It's so much easier for you the reader to include these in your own life if you understand where I'm coming from.

What Does This Mean?

Nothing really, nothing changes. I'm still going to be referring to my time management tips as gems but now when you see the lifehacks or time management life hacker term floating about in the world wide web - now just like me, you'll know what it means! If you want to read some time management life hacks then check out the suggested pages below. You might also want to start from the beginning and ask yourself "what is time management" - Jump from "Time Management Life Hacks" to "What is Time Management"

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