Why an Organized Home?

Let me tell you - it helps plenty! What I've learnt is that having an organized home means you're not wasting your time looking for things.

Since we are here to glean some easy time management gems this is one of them.

A place for everything and everything in its place

In other words - find somewhere to put your stuff!!

It doesn't matter whether your house is large or small, whether you are a student, a parent or a child - putting things in their place will help you sort out your life.

The great thing about having an organized home which is neat and tidy means that everyone can help out. My 2 year old daughter knows where her swimming goggles go and she puts them back in their place after we've been to the pool or the beach. This means she knows where to get them when we're heading out for another swim and you guessed it - it means that I don't have to spend time looking for them.

Infact, having a spot for all of your stuff also wider effects - not only does it help you find items faster, it also helps to reduce your stress levels, particularly if you have to be somewhere (like a sports game, or appointment) at a certain time.

In the case of my 2 year old and her swimming goggles - I end up being nice happy Mummy instead of grumpy Mummy when we hit the beach.

Whether it's kids toys, paper, mail - anything that does not have a place in your house is called clutter. If this is you then maybe you need to start by de-cluttering first! I've put together some tips so feel free to jump from "Organized Home" to "Free Ideas for Organizing Clutter".

Try a couple of these tips and see whether they change your life. Maybe you are looking to focus on a specific area - check out our menu to the left and see whether that area is included within our website. Each of these are being updated as I either implement them within my own home or as I come across great tips from other people so stay tuned!!

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