Photo Organizing Software Can Save You Time

Use photo organizing software to save you time and hard drive space. Funnily enough, this is probably one of my best time managemet tips and I'm only writing this article because I've finally discovered how to store all my photos in the one place - best of all it's free!

Do You Need Photo Organizing Software?

I'm one of those people who love to take photos. Infact, my whole family loves to take photos - it must be hereditary. I also love to create slideshows for friends and family - you know the ones I mean, where all the photos are set to music?

My sister gave birth to a baby boy a couple of weeks ago which was wonderful although I wasn't in the country at the time. She asked me to put together a slideshow using the photos that had been taken, which is a real honour and a pleasure to do. Problem was that my mother was in charge of photo taking and she took all the photos using the highest resolution there was. So, they're really good quality photos but I'm in another country.... how best to organize the photos and get them to me?

The Solution?

Yep, I decided I needed some photo organizing software!

I did a bit of a scout around the internet - I love getting free stuff - and I found Dropbox - it's actually a "cloud" storage system but it does have an area for you to store photos. I created an account and shared the link to the folder with my mother. She then uploaded all of the high resolution photos to it. The great thing about Dropbox is that it allows you to organize all your photos really easily which helps since my mother is not very technical! Once the photos were on the "cloud" and organized then I just took them and made my slideshow with my own software. I actually then uploaded the movie and shared the link with friends and family. What I loved about using this photo organizing software was
  1. It was free
  2. It was free
  3. Easy to use
  4. You get 2GB free
  5. No need for someone to email the photos or physically send a USB stick
  6. It's not on my hard drive - i.e - the precious photos aren't going to be lost

Anyway - check it out. The link below is a referral link - if you use it then both you and I get 500MB free - more space to store our photos.

s I'm not making any money out of it just precious cloud space to organize my photos with! Click here to get 500MB extra with Dropbox

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