Stress and Wellness

Stress and Wellness go together there's no doubt about it. As discussed in the time management and stress article there are a number of ways to deal with stress.

This articles discusses how being healthy and living a life of wellness can minimise the impact that a stressful situation or event has on you and your health.

It's a Fast World Out There

Stress as we know it now is a result of the modern society. Let's face it, it's a pretty stressful world out there. Life moves along at breakneck speed and since we are now all contactable by mobile phone and can get internet access everywhere, we never get a chance to truly get away. The demands of the office, the school runs, the fundraising drives - they follow us everywhere.

Whether it's feeling like we have to be available or that we never have downtime, people seem to be constantly wired. This coupled with the way we drink, eat and move (or not) means that the pressure builds up within ourselves and something has to blow.

I talked about studies which have shown stress has overtaken the common cold as a major reason for absence from work. I also mentioned heart attacks, high blood pressure, ulcers, anxiety as well as grumpiness, comfort eating anger.... whew! Jump from "Stress and Wellness" back to "Time Management Stress" if you need a recap.

Wellness Is Like a Bank Account

This is where stress and wellness comes into play. Let's use a metaphor and imagine that your wellness is a bank account. You make deposits by undertaking wellness activities . Stress or a stressful event are withdrawals from the bank.

If you have a positive balance in the account then you can take the hit from stress and recover. However, if you have nothing in the bank, your wellness gets overdrawn and this is when you find it difficult to cope - this is where you start having health problems. Does it make sense?

How To Make Wellness Deposits

So, we need to look at ways we can make deposits into the wellness account. They're pretty easy and widely known methods, I'm guessing you know them already.

  1. Exercise
  2. I can hear you groaning from here and infact I know I bang on about it as often as I can. Exercising regularly is something that I am new to but it makes a HUGE difference to your life.

    Mix it up a bit - try some yoga (buy a dvd if you can't make it to class), do some pilates, walk, run. Any movement will do.

  3. Eat Well
  4. You don't have to eat carrot sticks constantly to eat well - get yourself clued up with nutrition and work out some meal plans. Life is about balance so you don't need to get rid of all the crap in your life just most of it!

    I know for sure that you need to make sure you have a decent brekkie, drink lots of water and if possible reduce the caffeine intake to nearly zero.

  5. Schedule Your Downtime
  6. I was going to put Relax as the heading but unless you actually schedule it into your calendar and take it, relaxing doesn't work.

    I schedule my downtime and I schedule my thinking time into my day. Some people meditate - I say whatever works for you, for effective stress management you just need to empty your mind and relax.

  7. Give Up Smoking
  8. This needs to be given it's own paragraph - if you are a smoker and you are stressed or find yourself in stressful situations then you need to give it up. I don't need to go on about it, you already know you should.

It's pretty simple I know but we all need reminding now and again of how important it is to take care of ourselves. Those adverse effects that stress can cause can be coped with if you are physically able to. Stress and wellness are finely balanced - resilience is built and maintained through being fit and healthy.

Don't want to be stressed out and grumpy with the kids anymore? Then get healthy. Don't want to be stressed out at work? Get fit so you can cope.

It's as easy as that!

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