5 Reasons why Students need Time Management

All students whether college student, university student or even high school students need time management skills. Infact, most of the students I know regularly find themselves having late night study sessions or missing important deadline. If you are a student and you are reading this then you need to pay attention!

Reason #1- Gets You Organized!

Learning how to properly manage your time ensures you will complete assignments, homework and arrive at exams prepped and ready to do your best. Best of all though, time management skills allow you to stay better organized. If you've glanced at any of my other pages, you'll know that time management and organization go hand in hand. Staying organized is key to staying focused and on task.

Reason #2- Life Lessons!

Another reason why students need time management is because this is actually something you need to learn for your life! When you leave high school or college, you will probably start working and unfortunately, there aren't too many jobs where you sit around and surf the internet or socialize with friends or coworkers. Nor are there paid jobs that generally allow you to hand in projects late or arrive at meetings completely unprepared. The way I look at it - you may as well learn this stuff now because you will have to do it in the future anyway.

Reason #3- It Makes Studying Easier

Oh, if I could have my time machine and go back to my college student self! The one thing I would tell myself would be that time management tools and techniques makes studying easier. Planning, scheduling and organizing myself so that I am able to devote a specific period of time to studying is actually very helpful. Had I done this, I would have eliminated last minute cram sessions, which generally occurred in the middle of the night. The elimination of late night study sessions will not only help to keep you happier and better on your feet, but it will also help to improve your grades.

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Reason #4- Better Grades!

Need I say more? Not surprisingly, improving your high school, college or university grades is one of the biggest benefits to learning how to properly manage your time. One of the many ways that you can better manage your time is by creating a to do list for yourself and scheduling in all your activities including exercising, paid jobs. I love scheduling my day and to make sure I can fit it all in, I inlcude socialising into my schedule.

Planning in this way, should allow you to get all of your homework assignments completed on time and with ease. This is also likely to translate into better grades, given that you don't need to rush.

Reason #5- Stress Less

The elimination of stress is another one of the many benefits to having a time management plan in place if you are a high school or a college student. It is no secret that college and high school can both be stressful on their own. After all, your grades may have an impact on your future job and your future income. With that said, proper time management will allow you to get your homework done and studying done in a timely fashion, eliminating many stressful and nail biting situations.

Now that you know why students need time management, I'm hoping you may be inspired to improve the way you organize your life and manage your time!

There are a number of tools that you can use including to do lists, day planners and computerized calendar programs.

Eliminating distractions, such as socializing with friends, television watching, or internet surfing, is one way to make sure that you stay focused and on task, especially when completing a school project or studying. However, life is about balance and I always think there must be a place in your life for relaxation and chilling out - my best advice is to make sure you schedule your downtime.

Learning how to stop procrastinating can make a real difference particularly for college and university students.

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