Time Management Books That Influenced Me

As I was writing this website I have referenced time management books or refered to them in the text (usually while saying that I had an AHA moment as I read it!) Well, this page is where you will find the link to them - it takes you through to Amazon who we all know is one of the cheapest and easiest places to purchase books from.

Check back because I will be updating them as time allows. If you don't want to miss out on my updates then subscribe to Time Hacker eZine it will email you my updates as I post them!

So far, I've put up my top four time management books. These books are the ones that have influenced me in my life from a time management perspective. Obviously I've read truckloads more but these are really the key texts that I refer to still.

They are worthwhile buying - I'm a hardcover kind of gal so I would say they are the kind of books you should have in your library or bookshelf or wherever you put your books!

While I do love buying books on the Kindle (I am an avid reader) there are some books that you just can't replace with eBooks - and the influential books on managing your time that I've listed above, in my opinion are those kind of books.

I've never proclaimed to be the expert on time management or hold all the answers. Like everything in life, I think that there are many useful perspectives and the beauty with being widely read, particularly in the time management field is that you can take what you want from everyone's ideas and make it something for yourself that is truly unique!

So, have a look at the books that influenced me. Let me know via my contact page if you have any more you recommend.

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