Time Management for Students

Time management for students should be one of the first lectures that all students have to attend at university. It's that important! It's so important that, if you're a student, managing your time well is one of the essential ingredients to successfully completing your course.

Why Time Management for Students?

Having been a student, I know how hard it is to juggle the seemingly endless tasks we have. When I was studying my undergraduate degree I had bad time management. I procrastinated terribly, left all my assignments till the last minute and crammed my studying. Does this sound familiar?

It's easy sitting here now, to see what an impact those bad habits had on my studying. What's also easy to see is that these bad habits were learnt very early on in my studying (middle school) and without knowing how damaging they were, I just carried these habits through to university.

From middle school right through to my postgraduate degree, I continually put off doing my work until it got to the point where I was put under pressure to complete it. Funnily enough, I always maintained that this pressure suited me, that I always worked better under stress but I can tell you that I was just kidding myself! After getting very sick from stress in both my undergraduate and my postgraduate years, I know firsthand how driving yourself to perform under the immense pressure of deadlines can affect your physical health, your mental health and your relationships with everyone.

So that's why I've written time management for students.

Whether you're at middle school, high school or at university or college - there are some key time management skills that you need to learn. If you do take note and apply these to your studying then you will be well on your way to not only successfully completing your education but also to learning some valuable skills for life.

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How is Time Management for Students different?

It's not that the rules or tips themselves are really that much different but that the interpretation is different as a student. For example, in my Time Management Tips article I have a tip which says to delegate tasks that you don't have time to do. Now, obviously when you are studying, it is very unlikely that you will be able to delegate your assignments and study timetable. The nature of studying is that it's a solo affair so there are some time management gems and tips within this website that will apply and some that don't.

When should you learn Time Management for Students?

I think you can start learning these skills at any school age. Obviously, if you have left high school and are currently in tertiary study then you should really focus on learning some time management habits and skills that you can apply immediately.

If you're still studying but not yet finished high school (or haven't started yet) then you can really take your time digesting the skills and seeing what works best for you.

Teaching Time Management for Students to your children

If it's your child that you're reading this article for, then before they leave home is a great time to both teach time management skills and also to model time management habits so that the kids can see you practicing what you preach.

I have a son in middle school (he's 12) and I'm currently trying to instill some good studying habits in him that will take him through to university. I also have a 6 year old daughter and because she has homework (it's very easy) I'm gently trying to steer her towards developing good habits too. I don't think 6yrs is too young - as I say, it's a very gentle push, certainly nothing demanding (I'm no tiger mother!!)

One thing I'm really conscious of is that I'm teaching my kids - my goal being that they develop good time management habits within themselves. I'm not standing over them making them study. I saw too many people on my engineering course at university who were high achievers but were used to having their parents dictate their study schedules. As these students found, once they started at university they were suddenly free of the parents and they then struggled with that freedom. Some of them didn't know how to structure their own study programme and didn't have basic planning skills - after all, why would you learn to think for yourself if you've been told what to do everyday!

It's definitely easier to learn the habits of managing your time when you are young, but don't worry - all is not lost if you're reading this and you're older! Look at me - I'm a case in point!

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Where should I start?

The best place to start if you're looking for tips on time management for students is on the next page.

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  • Good luck with your studying. I hope you can take some time management gems from these pages and apply them to your lives to make them successful!

    If you have a specific question on time management for students then feel free to ask me a question here - Ask Question!

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