What Are Time Management Games

Funnily enough, before I started this website I hadn't really heard of time management games as a genre but in the interests of research and generally keeping up with what's happening in the time mangement world I started coming across this previously unknown (to myself) genre.

Because I love to learn stuff, I was very intrigued. Lucky for you, I then figured that if I wanted to know what these were, my readers might also want to know. For this reason, I decided to do some scientific research and check these time management games out.

My Very Scientific Research

I particularly wanted to investigate what they were, how they were played and whether there was any relationship to the field of time management. Of course, I told the kids that it was all in the name of research and that even though I was yelling at my computer screen, I was in actual fact working!

The Method

Games in the time management genre are essentially another name for those kinds of games where there is a set time in which to achieve something. One of my favourites involved running a hospital and having to see patients, diagnose them (in a few different ways) treat them and discharge them. All of this had to be achieved within a certain timeframe otherwise the patients would get angry. As you got better at it you increased your status and got to upgrade the staff and equipment. There's plenty of them (do a google search for time management games and you'll soon see!)

The virtual environment in the gaming situation is very similar to a high pressure environment most people have experienced at some time in their lives. In this environment, you have to make decisions quickly and you also have to be thinking two steps ahead of what is happening.

So to do well in the game you need to be organized, think clearly and anticipate the various situations that could happen and how you would react. To be honest, I think these are valuable skills to be honing and where better to gain these skills than in an environment where it doesn't matter if you make a mistake!


After much pestering, I did actually hand over the reins to my kids. The result? Well, my 6 year old daughter loved the time management games where the characters were in real life situations (hospital, pet centres, hairdresser etc).

Although my 12 year old son didn't enjoy those time management games so much, he did love the escape games where you had to figure out clues within a certain time. In my mind, learning to keep a clear head and solve problems while the clock is ticking is also a great attribute to have.


On balance I would say that if you are looking for a way to have some downtime or looking for a way to keep the kids occupied with something that won't rot their brain then you couldn't go past these games in the time management genre. What's best is that I found a whole lot of free games so the price combined with keeping the kids occupied while they are learning great skills is a winner in my book.

It's a bit like when I discovered life hacks - I felt like I was the uncool kid arriving late to the party. Suddenly I find that there are games on time management everywhere and guess what - they're fun!

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I hope you've enjoyed my article on time management games! Have a go and play some and let me know what you think.

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