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Hi! I'm Cherry, a mother, a former wannabe corporate ladder climber and now reporting to my toughest bosses ever! Who would think that I have a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Science when I am now ruled by 3 little tyrants demanding home baking and scoring my evening dinners as per Master Chef.time management cherry connew

Although I would prefer to be a professional sunbather, my husband requires that I at least try and earn a living so I now work from home part time while juggling the kids and their numerous play dates and after school activities.

When I can, I take some time to myself and spend it trying to get fit and after all this, I find time to spend with my long suffering husband.

So this background is where these fabulous Time Management tips come from!

You may have noticed that I mentioned my qualifications and can probably tell from this that I spent a few years at University. The best thing I learnt during my 7 years studying was that I love to learn stuff (and I'm good at it)!

In addition to being good at learning stuff, one of my other skills is that I'm really good at translating technical jargon and scientific speak into plain language that real people can understand.

Prior to my current gig, my husband and I have worked in demanding and consuming careers while attempting to raise three wonderful children (these are my current dictator bosses and you can see them in the photo above). Things came to a head when my husband was working in another COUNTRY (commuting home on weekends!) while I was still working nearly full time.

I realised at this time how much these time management and organizational techniques helped me to stay sane.

I've been passionate about time management techniques and staying sane since then - I've learnt the hard way what worked and didn't work both at home and in my profession.

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Why Time Management Gems?

Over the years I have learnt lots of theories about time management, being organized and becoming effective, I've sat in seminars and been given organization tips, managing email strategies, learnt the four quadrants - the whole lot! I came to realise that there are lots of time management pieces of information which could be made simpler. I've coined them gems because they are invaluable, they will bring clarity to your life and they will make you happy - maybe even change your life when you find them.

There's a whole lot more to managing your time than scheduling appointments and doing project plans. These time management gems in my webpages involve some old, some new and some lateral techniques - gems on prioritizing, organizing the clutter, organizing home storage and even how to overcome procrastination.

So has it worked? Well, I'm still learning and still working out new and better ways to manage our life. But we are more in control now and my family is definitely happier than we were even a year ago.

Why Time Management Gems? I've found my passion in life and I want to share it with you, no strings attached.

time management cherry connew

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