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One of the best things about this section is that it's one where YOU the reader can ask time management questions of me. Jump to the question form now by clicking here Ask a Question!

Maybe you need some specific answers or help - maybe there's an area which you are interested in and it's one which I haven't addressed yet in my articles. It can be any question within the broad time management and organizing areas that I talk about on this website. Sorry no philosophical questions like "What is our purpose?" or "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it make a sound?"

Just ask me! I'm happy to help.

Best of all - this personalized service - me answering your time management questions is absolutely free!! If you ask me time management questions, I will respond personally. If I'm stumped, I'm going to put it back out to the readers to answer because let's face it, it's great to all learn new things together.

If the question is broad enough, I'll turn it into an article! If you don't want to ask a question but do want to read some tips I have already posted on this website then Jump from Time Management Questions to Time Management Tips.

I envisage that this section of my website will become a mini forum where we can all learn "real world" time management tips. When I write my articles, I write from my own perspective and discuss which time management gems I've found useful in helping me change my life. That's why I'd love to hear from other people, because everyone has their own situations which need answers and they will be different to the problems that I've encountered. One of the reasons I put this website together was because I want to help people (I think that's what my purpose is - I know the answer to the question above!!) Short story - developing this page is easier than becoming a doctor which was my option to help people.

As I've said earlier on my website, I love to learn stuff and the thought of learning even more about time management is exciting. Time Management is an area that is constantly evolving and the nature of organizing yourself means that there are always new and better ways of undertaking a task, scheduling your day and organizing your home.

So - ask away!!

Need some specific help ? Ask your question here - I'll provide some personalised time management tips!

Do you have a question I haven't addressed in my articles? Let me help you - I'll answer all questions and provide you with some useful time management tips. What's more, this personal service is absolutely free!!

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Organising myself so I can exercise? 
Hi I have a son that is 1yr old. I have been reading your website and I know that time management means getting organised BUT it is very hard in reality. …

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