Time Management Stress

Time management stress results from not being organized and not managing your time well. Simple huh!

This article looks particularly at the cost of stress which arises from poor time management. If you're looking for tips on how to deal with stress then jump straight to the stress and wellness page

Can't Face the Day?

Have you ever woken up in the morning and just wanted to put your head back under the covers because you couldn't face what you had on that day? Ever pulled a sick day at work because you knew that you were supposed to have completed a project or be prepared for a meeting that you just didn't get time to do?

I thought so! Most of us during our lives have done this and although I'm not here to tell you that it's okay, I understand where you're coming from - I'll tell you a secret - I've done this too.

The good news is that I haven't done this lately and speaking from experience, if you can get yourself and your life organized then it goes a very long way to reducing the stress which results from poor time management - no more hiding back under the duvet!

Stress Can Be Good

First off, lets acknowledge that not all stress is bad (sometimes I find that putting a bit of pressure on myself actually galvanises me into action). BUT stress resulting from not being able to fit everything into your life can make you fearful and feel out of control.

That fearfulness and spiralling feeling my friends is what we in the industry call time management stress (okay, I'm not actually in any industry I just made that up but you get my gist!)

This is the sort of stress that you don't want. It's an awful feeling and comes at a cost

The Cost - Your Health

Probably the worst thing about stress is the health cost that comes with it

Research (Palmer & Cooper 2011) shows that stress has overtaken the common cold as a major reason for absence from work. As well as absenteeism, other ailments which arise from stress due to poor time management include:

  • heart attack/strokes
  • high blood pressure
  • ulcers
  • diabeetes
  • angina
  • cancer
  • anxiety and depression

In addition to these effects on your health, there are also behavioural responses that stress causes - you know the ones - procrastination, comfort eating, anger, grumpiness at kids (this is to name only a few, there are plenty more!)

You Can't Afford to Wait

Not all stress comes from poor time management - lets face it, there are plenty of other things that happen to us that cause us stress. But the interesting thing about stress resulting from poor time management or being badly organized is that this is the sort of stress that we can control!

This means that you can do something about it. I've just shown you some of the impacts that stress has - look at your own life and evaluate the impacts that stress has on your life.

This is the reason why we can't afford to wait. If you are suffering from stress and you know you can reduce it by making changes to your life then you have to do it now!

Where To Now?

Okay, so you know you need to do something you just need to decide what. There are three ways you can deal with stress:

  1. Physiological - get yourself healthy and in shape!
  2. Click here to read the next article on stress and wellness. This article looks at ways we can respond and deal with stress - Stress and Wellness

  3. Behavioural - Pretty much this means getting organized and improving time management
  4. If you think you may need to get organized rather than healthy then click to jump from "Time Management Stress" to "Tips on Getting Organized."

  5. Psychological - Using technqiues to control your emotions (more on this to come)

If you're wondering which article to read, I suggest you pick the article on stress and wellness since we can all do with being a bit healthier.

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