Time Management Tips and Techniques

Sometimes we need some time management tips and techniques to help us wrestle control of our lives! I know I sometimes feel like life is one big whirlwind and it's all I can do to just cling on as I careen from one activity to the next.

When I'm stressed out and out of control I find that I can't think clearly. Unsurprisingly, this seems to make matters worse - not being able to think clearly spirals into that feeling of floundering and then everything gets worse from there.

So the questions is - what do we do when this happens? Well, let me tell you a little secret. The easiest way I've found to prevent getting stressed and out of control is to make sure that I don't put myself in this position. I hate it when I feel this way, so I focus on being proactive, using time management tips and techniques to reduce my stress before it even occurs. Honestly, it works!!

I've outlined my 5 easy time management tips and techniques below but if you have a specific question or need some time management tools for your specific situation then I suggest that you Jump from Time Management Tips and Techniques to Time Management Questions and ask me a question.

5 Easy Time Management Tips and Techniques

#1 - Get Organized!!

Sorry to bang on about this but honestly, getting rid of the clutter and making sure that your house is organized is the easiest way to save yourself some stress. The sense of calm that prevails from not having to frantically search for an item while trying to get out the door will amaze you. If you need help getting started then click here to read about clearing the clutter or organizing your home

#2 - Know Your Priorities

I know what's important in my life and what my priorities are. On a day to day basis, my priorities might shift but I know what I have to achieve for the day. This helps when you're making decisions about what to do - if you know what's important then you can evaluate your options. Need some help understanding prioritizing? Then click here to read more on Why Time Management is Important or maybe you need help with working out what your priorities are? Then click here to read more on goal setting to help you work it out

#3 - Stop Procrastinating

Funnily enough, I've always found that the more important an activity is, the amount of procrastinating done is always inversely proportionate!

Tasks that are low priority are the tasks that get completed quickly with no procrastinating whereas those which are very high on my importance scale are the ones where I find I'm cleaning the house, tidying the fridge and doing the dishes - in short - procrastinating!!

This is one of those time management tips and technqiues that are easier said that achieved. Overcoming procrastination takes focus and dedication. You have to have a degree of self awareness to realise what you are doing and then you have to work to fix it. If you want to get started on tackling procrastination then check out my article on How to Stop Procrastinating

#4 - Schedule Appointment Free Corridors

If you've read any of my previous articles you will know that I am a big scheduler. I schedule everything into my calendar - coffee with the mums from school, playdates, after school activities, nap times - it's all put into my calendar. This is not because I am a control freak mother but really because I find it keeps me sane - if I haven't scheduled it, then it's not important and I don't have to worry about being anywhere.

Life being as it is though, sometimes even the best schedules run into hiccups. So, to make sure that I remain my cool calm and unflappable self I make sure to schedule corridors of time where I'm not doing anything. If you were working, you would call it "contingency time" which effectively it is.

Basically, make sure that the stuff you've got to do isn't back to back or if you can't avoid it - give yourself 20 minutes or so between appointments just in case things don't run as planned. If things do run according to schedule then the very worst that can happen is that you will have 20 minutes of space and time in which you can regather your thoughts and take a breath!

Quit the Should's

Yes you heard me right - one of my time management tips and techniques involves you stopping fretting about what you think you should be doing. You think you should be helping out at school - don't do it unless you have time to. You think you should be doing home baking for the kids lunches? Don't do it unless you actually have time to!!

If you take the time to think about it, alot of the stress in our lives, particularly when we are looking at time management stress occurs because we put too much pressure on ourselves by what we think we should be doing. It's sometimes this unrealistic version of how much we think we should be achieving that makes us try and schedule far too much into our day. We are only competing with an image in our heads - get rid of this image and I'm telling you, life will be much calmer.

Looking for more information stress and how it's related to time management? Then click here to read Time Management Stress or Stress and Wellness.

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