5 Time Management Tips For Moms

In this crazy busy world- time management tips for moms are important particularly if we want to achieve all that we need to and stay sane in the process. if we Whether you are a working mom (or mum for us Kiwi's) or a stay at home mom, these time management tips are essential.

1. Know Your Priorities

I've talked about this before in some of the other areas but this is the main time management tips for busy moms. You need to know which tasks are super super important and you must do them and you also need to know which of those you can gloss over or get to if you can.

So, for me - taking my daughter to playgroup is a number 1 priority task. This means that I make sure that I take her regardless of everything else. I was asked to attend a Women Entrepreneur's meeting at a time when playgroup was on - guess what - I said I couldn't make it. Did they understand? I didn't really care because I know my priorities. Likewise, another priority is working on my website and I do this for four hours a night - after my kids go to bed at 8.30pm until midnight. Watching TV or even going to sleep could get in the way but I don't let it because that's not my priority right now.

Therefore, if you know what's important to you then if you are trying to juggle tasks around within your day you will know what are the "big rocks" and what is the sand

2. Take Care Of Yourself

This differs slightly to my other tips that I give to students and people working. The reason why is because this article is on time management tips for moms and I think that mother's NEVER take care of themselves properly.

If you don't take care of yourself and stay in peak condition then how is that finely tuned machine of your life going to run? How will you accomplish everything that you need to if you're not fit for it. I liken being a mother to running a marathon while juggling. It's hard work and keeping the family, work, kids and a partner all in sync uses alot of mental and physical energy! So, don't be afraid to have a breather for half an hour or don't worry about sitting on the couch relaxing instead of cleaning up. Be kind and take care of yourself.

3. Get Organized

I can hear you from here - she's on about that again.... Yes I am! I sometimes find that you have to repeat stuff to people before they get the message. Getting yourself and your house organized will really change your life.

You don't want to go either to the office or return home after work and find either place messy with unfiled papers and mess strewn about. So, get organized, put things in their place, declutter - do it all.

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4. Look For Time Savers

Although I don't necessarily think that the answer to managing your time better is to fit more stuff into your day, I do think that one of the great time management tips for moms is to look for time savers on those low priority tasks (remember we talked about that in tip 1!)

Do you really need to shop at the supermarket every week - could you stretch it out to 2 weeks. Maybe you could cook quicker meals - find a bunch of quick and easy recipes and try them out. Try not to resort to takeaways, I actually find that some of the quick meals are infact faster than a takeaway meal (but that's for another website!) and far more nutritious.

5. Use Routines

I did write a big long explanation discussing why you should incorporate a routine into your life. Howver, after I had written it I thought that it really applied not only incldued here in my time management tips for moms but really to all parents.

So, I moved it to this article on Time Management Tips For Parents. For those that want the quick version - on that page, I basically just say that you should incorporate routines into your life and this amazingly free's your time up.

That means, look to do the same activities on the same day each week. If you read the article you will see my reasons behind this theory.

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