Time Management Tips For Parents

Following on from my article on Time Management For Parents I wanted to provide some actual tips and hacks. So, this article on time management tips for parents was born!

Keep checking this website because as I come across more great tips and hacks, I will add them to this section.

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Weekday Time Management Tips for Parents

  1. Make the school lunches the night before - as soon as you walk in the door from work if that helps
  2. Plan your menu a week in advance, shop accordingly and stick to it
  3. Learn some great crockpot recipes - it's a lifesaver for weekend lunches and weekday dinners
  4. Cook double and freeze one lot for those nights you have been caught short
  5. Aim to eat early - our dinner time used to be 7pm ish but now we eat at 6pm. You will be surprised how much more relaxed you feel after dinner is finished
  6. Get the kids to sort their school stuff the night before. As well as clothes/uniform (remember to get them to find their socks!) they can round up their homework, their library books and anything else they need
  7. Coerce the older children to read to the younger ones - it helps with the homework and also keeps the littlies attention while you're cooking dinner
  8. Get up early - it's amazing what you can achieve without the kids under your feet
  9. Shop online - I love shopping online, and find it particularly great for for groceries. Yes, it does cost about $20-$30 more but when I consider that it would usually take me an hour to do the grocery shopping, not to mention packing it all in the boot of my car and then lugging it all inside, I always thought it was money well spent. I used to do it during my lunch hour while eating lunch at my desk. I got bonus points for this because everyone actually thought I was working through my lunch and I never put them right!!
  10. Multitask - I've read recent articles which discussed the fact that multitasking was now being frowned upon. The reason for this is because "experts" think that if you are multitasking then you are actually doing two (or more) things badly since you can't give your full attention to either task. When I talk multitasking in this context, I'm talking about folding the laundry while watching TV or quizzing the kids on their spelling while doing the dishes.
  11. As mundane as it is, make sure that you have the laundry under control, preferably folded and put away. Speaking from experience, there is nothing worse than frantically looking for an item of clothing in the laundry - it wastes precious time
  12. Wipe and clear the table before you go to work in the morning - it's great when you come home after a hard day at work and the table is clear

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Weekend Time Management Tips for Parents

  1. Schedule time with the kids and time for you. For example, if your 5 year old wants you to do a jigsaw with her then respond that you will do it and agree on a time at which this will happen. This works great because I find if my 5 year old knows that we have the activity planned, she is less likely to constantly hassle me. Until the alloted time, I am free to continue with my coffee and paper
  2. Sort out the sports gear on Friday night.
  3. Organize the house so that everything has a place and you're not looking for other stuff before you head out the door on Saturday morning
  4. Have all the cleaning stuff together so you're not looking for it, put some loud music on and blitz through the housework
  5. Get up early and go for a run/walk do some yoga, any exercise is good. Forget about that sleep in - believe me, with kids jumping on you, it's not a very relaxing sleep in anyway. It will make you feel so much better if you just go do some exercise
  6. If you like cooking then plan to make a nice meal on Saturday night and shop for it. This means you don't waste time at the supermarket on Saturday.
  7. Spend one weekend clearing the clutter - it will make all the other weekends even more relaxing
  8. Clean up before you go to bed - when you wake up in the morning you will instantly feel more relaxed and enjoy your weekend that bit more

So those are my time management tips for parents. As I said before, the reason why I wrote a special section on time management tips for parents was because I am assuming that there are lots of other parents out there struggling with the same weekday and weekend problems.

My tips are simple but easily implemented and hopefully they will seed some changes in your life. Who know, you may even find some other areas where you can improve.

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