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Looking for time management tips that actually work. Find out how you can get off the hamster wheeel with our proven time management ideas and suggestions!

I've put these ideas together because I've been where you are now - just needing some easy time management ideas - some nice simple tips without any fussing about. Quick fixes that we can quickly read, take away, apply to our lives and get going again.

Well, you asked for it and this section is what I've provided (don't say I never do anything for you, my readers!).

I've written some tips below but if you have a specific question or need some time management tips for your specific situation then I suggest that you Jump from Time Management Tips to Time Management Questions.

Time Management Tips

  1. Do some goal setting and know what your life goals are - everything should be prioritized from there
  2. Organize yourself by clearing the clutter
  3. Tidy your work area, sort through your in-tray - you will be able to think clearer
  4. Learn to say no - say it with me - "no, I would love to help if I have time but I'm swamped"
  5. Delegate - if you don't have staff, delegate sideways. If you're at home, can you get the kids to help?
  6. Ask yourself "What's the worst that can happen if I don't do this task"
  7. Stop procrastinating
  8. Set aside some thinking time so you can plan your day
  9. Keep a time record for a week - analyze it, you might be surprised
  10. Know your energy cycles - I'm at my best in the morning so I work with this. I plan the hardest jobs for the morning
  11. Know what your rocks, pebbles and sand are
  12. Don't do the unimportant stuff unless you have time left over
  13. If it will take 5 minutes or less then just do it - no point putting it on your "to-do" list

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