Writing A Best Man Speech

writing a best man speech

It's always hard to start writing a best man speech - especially if you're lacking inspiration or motivation. For some, they just don't know where to start and this not knowing means that they procrastinate. Hmmm, sound familiar?

When writing a best man speech, I always have a plan. Infact, when doing anything I always have a plan - you know what they say - those who fail to plan, plan to fail!

This is the speech outline that I always use when I write my best man speeches (remember I've written seven of them so I've had some practice). Having this structure in front of me when I sit down to write the best man speech means I know what to look for.

The outline for writing a best man speech isn't rocket science - I'm guessing that you know what it is. At it's most basic, a best man speech is really like telling a story so it has a beginning, a middle and a end. To be honest, a speech in any form is pretty much telling a story to a live audience. This means that our best man speech outline looks like this:

  • Introduction
  • Main Part
  • Ending

Ok, you're probably thinking that knowing that a best man speech is written in three parts doesn't really help matters. But it helps to know this when you are making your speech because this will help you to visualise where you are heading in your speech (especially important if you want to say it without notes).

So, I've broken the best man speech outline down even further into subcategories - now it looks like this

  • Introduction
    • Introduce yourself and your relationship to Groom
    • General welcome
    • Funny story about how you met
  • Main
    • Story about Groom when he was younger
    • Story about Best Man and Groom
    • Story about Bride and Groom meeting
  • Ending
    • Words of Advice
    • Something serious and sincere
    • Toast to Future of Bride and Groom

It's Easier Than You Think

I hope you're not thinking that the whole speech is starting to look hard because it's much easier than you think.

Lots of these pieces you can find ready made paragraphs to insert into the speech. If you are looking for one-liners or jokes check out the Best Man Speech Jokes page. Likewise, the advice, sincere thoughts and toast can all be pulled straight from the Best Man Speech Quotes and Free Best Man Toasts

Infact, if you're really in need of inspiration you can even use a joke as one of the "stories" and use what we call poetic license - you basically just apply them to your speech as if it had actually happened to your groom. By the time everyone realises that it is just a joke they will be laughing so hard that they don't care anyway.

So that's what we have so far on writing a best man speech!

Your job now is to start brainstorming and thinking about stories that you have of the Groom.

There's much more information on writing a best man speech in our ebook including more indepth information on how you link between sections. In fact, the book will show you how you only need to come up with three or four stories about the groom.

writing a best man speech

We make it super easy for you to write your best man speech (and we have two free bonus books

writing a best man speech writing a best man speech

Check out our eBook here: How To Write a Best Man Speech That Rocks!

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